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Fri Tanke is a publishing house dedicated to promoting literature which deepens our understanding of and fascination for the world around us. Our focus is challenging and ground-breaking literature which crosses the borders between science, politics, philosophy and existential issues.

We also run a podcast which is all about exciting and informative conversations with the best people. We have an array of great thinkers in our expanded circle and we would like to present them to you in their best light. We invite you to hear authors, journalists, artists, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and other experts speak clearly about what they know best. Hopefully this will be a forum for one of a kind talks that are truly interesting and inspiring.

The podcast is in many ways a free standing enterprise and we want to be able to motivate it’s existence. We are a small publishing house and we need to make sure we spend our time and energy shrewdly. We would love for the podcast to be not just a platform for our authors and books but also an arena for talks with all kinds of people that are captivating in themselves.

If you would like to support the podcast you can become a patron at If you choose to become a patron you will ensure the continued existence and development of our awesome podcast and in the long run the Fri Tanke brand. So, do yourself a favor and support Fri Tanke förlags podcast!

Feel free to contact us at podden [at] For more information (in Swedish) about Fri Tanke, sign up for our newsletter. Poddradion ”Podden På Tiden” med Christer Sturmark och Staffan Dopping som förut var en del av Fri Tankes poddradio, har flyttat till en ny adress.




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