Chess and AI with Noctie Founder Samuel Sonning

Samuel Sonning is the creator of, the world’s first virtual chess tutor based on human-like chess AI. Born and raised in Sweden, he has worked on inventing AI systems for the last decade, including roles at Google and several tech startups. Samuel is fascinated by how humans and machines learn things – and how we can make that process easier.

Noctie is the world’s first virtual one-on-one chess tutor, available in your pocket. The philosophy of Noctie is simple: you should learn chess by playing real games, at the right level of difficulty, and get feedback on your own play. We accomplish this by using human-like chess AI to create the perfect practice partner and coach, that adapts to your own level. You play games, in the opening you prefer. Then you get instant color feedback, and custom exercises after each game. Noctie is suitable for chess players of every level, looking to learn while having fun, and is available today as a web- and mobile app.