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Perpetual calendar of life

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Both Mattias and Jane have loved nature all their lives, and have both learned, first hand, a good deal not only about the wonders of the natural world but also about the harm we humans are inflicting on the planet.

Mattias and Jane believe there is still a window of time to heal some of the harm we have inflicted before it is too late. There is hope if we all act together and make life choices to benefit the environment. We owe it to our children and theirs as well as to the other life forms with which we share, or should share, the planet. It is purpose of this perpetual calendar, with photographs and quotations from Mattias and Jane’s life experiences, to help remind readers of the wonders of nature and all they can do to help to preserve it.

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Publicerad 2019


Froster, Anna, Klum, Mattias Alexandrov
249 kr
Publicerad februari 2017


Klum, Mattias Alexandrov, Klum, Monika
199 kr

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