Is This Reality? Virtual Worlds, Artificial Intelligence, and the Mystery of Consciousness

Throughout the year, AI development has taken significant strides. We are living in a society that is becoming increasingly reliant on digital technology, which soon could be flooded with computer-generated content.

As technology advances, it will become harder to distinguish between the virtual and the real, eventually almost impossible. Is this a cause for concern?

Many have called for a temporary halt to AI development to allow time to address its potential risks. Are we on the brink of a future where machines ”awaken” and become conscious? Is the human race at risk?

David Chalmers, Professor of Philosophy at New York University

Gustav Söderström, Chief Research & Development Officer at Spotify

Anders Ynnerman, Professor of Scientific Visualization at Linköping University and the Program Director of the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP)

Henrik Kugelberg, Interdisciplinary ethics fellow Stanford University

 Julia Uddén, Associate Professor in Psychology and Linguistics at Stockholm University


Moderated by Christer Sturmark, publisher and CEO of Fri Tanke.

Music: Erik Söderlind, guitarist


23 May 2023, Stockholm